We believe that parents and children are disadvantaged if they do not have the right technology in their homes. Hardware is expensive and internet rates are sky rocket.

We are a Lawrence computer and service retailer. With a focus on providing the advice, services and hardware to help people get the  affordable technology they need that makes a difference in their lives.

Problem that at times, becomes ignored:  

     The digital  divide in Lawrence Ma is real, 27% of the  35 people we surveyed did not own a computer connected to the internet. We identified four barriers that were factors of the problem in Lawrence Ma. Most homes do not have a computer connected to the internet.

  • Income 

  • Language

  • Transportation

  • Experience

Solutions to the four barriers mentioned above:

  • Provide affordable laptops and Pc’s for less than $200 with a 19.99/month internet service.

  • Provide support both in Spanish and English at our business location.

  • No longer does an individual have to far to get services, hardware and advice. Our store front is located right before the MVRTA Bus Terminal . Therefore people with no vehicles can come from Lowell, dracut, methuen and all surrounding cities.

  • People have never owned a computer, and when they get one they have no idea how to use it. We are providing FREE classes, that will teach the basics of using a personal computer wisely.

What we need from you? 

  • Volunteers that can dedicate at-least 1-2 hrs a week

  • We need large 200+ companies that are willing to recycle with us.

  • Establishment that can hold at least 20 people.

  • Know of any facilities that need to dispose of their computers or laptops securely?


We have partnered up with a company that’s compliance in Secure Hard Drive Erasure/ Destruction and provide Data Destruction Reports.



Press releases

  • Eagle tribune article about us and an Entrepreneurship program we finished and which we won prize money.
  • The Boston Globe article: Explaining more about our program as well as the  12 week Entrepreneurship class, that helped us with our idea for 3 months. Including mentorship, classes twice a week an more.
  • El Mundo Newspaper : Displaying our companies mission and displaying the amazing prize money we got for our business.

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Jerez Electronics

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