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What we do ?

We are a Lawrence computer and service retailer. With a focus on providing the advice, services and hardware to help people get the technology they need that makes a difference in their lives.

Security Camera's

Protect home or Busineses, with a No-MOnthly contract. View cameras on your smart device. GIve us a call for more info.

Virus alert removal

Get a FREE lifetime antivirus software with every removal process.

Computer low cost program

Affordable laptops and desktops for those who are disadvantaged. Give us a call to learn more

Technical Support IT

Network Engineers focuses on high-level design and planning for your small business.


Write code in various programing languages, such as Java, socket programming, C, C++ , Ruby on rails and data structures.

MAC | PC Repair Service Center

We repair Macbook, Macbook Air, iMac and Personal computers and laptops.